Team fingerprint

Fingerprint's team of top notch industry specialists in the kids' mobile games and platforms.

Nancy MacIntyre
Named one of the Top 50 Non-Technical founders in Technology by Protohack and one of the Top 50 Women in Tech in Silicon Valley by Tech.Co, Nancy was EVP of Product Innovation & Marketing at LeapFrog where she led the charge around connected learning with the launch of the Learning Path Online, Tag Reader and Leapster Gaming System. A veteran product marketer at LucasArts (VP Global Sales & Marketing) and Hasbro Interactive (VP Marketing), Nancy has launched over 100 games, 11 #1 titles, and over $2 billion in revenue. She holds a BS in Finance and Accounting from Drexel University.
Dave Calaprice
Dave has built industry-leading products for over 20 years, including overseeing development on ground-breaking music tech products at Songbird as CTO & VPE. Prior to Songbird, Dave was VPE at mobile UX startup MSX, which was acquired by Cellmania, and ultimately Blackberry. Dave has also held key roles at Macromedia, including VPE, spanning a 13-year period from startup to successful public company; Macromedia was acquired by Adobe. Dave has a B.S. in Information & Decision Systems/CS from Carnegie Mellon.
Kim Verbonitz
Kim has more than 20 years of experience in strategy, business development, marketing, public policy and sales. She's worked in digital media, educational technology, entertainment and health and wellness for companies like LeapFrog, William Morris Endeavor, SelfCare and Merck. She likes exploring big ideas, building new businesses and solving problems through creativity and collaboration. Kim has a BA from Penn and an MBA from UCLA.
Board of Directors

Daniel Klaus, CEO and Co-Founder

Ben Braun, Head of Corporate Development
Dreamworks Animation

George Rose, Investor


Colin Bohm, Executive Vice President
Corus Entertainment

Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and Co-Founder

Nicholas Wodtke, EVP Digital Content


Corus Entertainment

Dreamworks Animation

GSV Enterprise Fund

Reed Elsevier Ventures